"Is the registration difficult?

Registration is as simple as 1, 2, 3 !

1. Enter your information so that we can clearly identify who you are.

    (Your information is password-protected so that only you can access it.)

2. Make your payment or enter your Promo code through our secured website

3. Complete your registration by entering specifics about the location of your Will. 

"I'm concerned. How secure is my information?"

Your Last Will information is secure and safe!

We share your concern. We do not store copies of Wills, only the name of the Attorney who prepared the Will and the location of the Will is stored. Only in the event death do we release any information

At that time, and with the required documentation provided (a death certificate and ID), your registered information is released. We strictly protect your information at all times.

"How Do I Search For A Will?"

Simply click on the FIND A WILL link here or on the home page and enter the required information. Our database will do a thorough search to see if we find a match with the information you entered.

If you are searching for a Last Will/Trust there may be two results:


1. Unfortunately, your search yielded no match. We can conclude that a Will location has not been registered for that testator’s Will within The U.S. Will Registry.

Should you wish to speak to The U.S. Will Registry customer service team about the search you have entered, please call 1-888-388-6877.

Kindly note that we have added a Missing Will Search to our database for your convenience. When The U.S. Will Registry adds your Missing Will Search to our database it automatically prompts an email that gets distributed to all of those attorneys who work in the area where the testator last resided. In many cases, this helps find the lawyer who may have worked on the missing Will itself.

We work hard to provide you an excellent customer service experience. Should you have any issues, don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-388-6877.


2.   The Will you are searching for is has been located in our database.

If we have a match for a Last Will search, the searcher will be asked to provide a death certificate and your ID to The U.S. Will Registry, or have your attorney contact us. 

Once the information is verified, we will release the information that has been registered.

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