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How will your family find your will?


The U.S. Will Registry is a National Database that stores the location of a person's Will and estate planning documents, and assists in locating missing Wills. The U.S. Will Registry is highly respected by attorneys, the public, charities and financial institutions. Registering your Will ensures that if your Will is lost, misplaced or even not known to have been written, the location can still be identified when needed.

Not being able to Locate a Will can cause unlimited stress and potential financial loss for a family or beneficiaries. If your Will cannot be found after your death, then your assets will be distributed in accordance with the state intestacy laws, not the way you had intended.

To register your Will, simply click on the Register My Will link. The lifetime registration of your Will remains confidential. The U.S. Will Registry only stores the location of your Will, not a copy of the Will.  The U.S. Will Registry does not disclose the location of your Will.  Once a death certificate is received and ID is provided, the information is then released.  

Your Will should be reviewed regularly for changes or updates. If you would like to locate an attorney in your area regarding your Will or Trust, click here.

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